Florence, final part: THE food

Ok, where do I begin??

Starter/ Antipasti/ Entrée:

This is a speciality from Florence, it’s deep fried pizza dough served with a kind of cream cheese (that’s the closest I could come up with, you have to taste it!) with smoked ham and rocket. Niam niam

Main course/ Primo piatto/ Plat de résistance.

Mozarella di buffala, fresh cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, that’s the trick. Less is more

Secondo piatto (à ce stade de la compétition, exit l’anglais et le français)

Gelato! I just can’t get enough of them. It is universally acknowledged that the best ice-cream is to be found away from the touristic city centre. I found my heaven next to where I stayed. The gelateria is named after their trademark ice-cream: Sottozero. Behind this mysterious name, a nutella/nuts ice-cream. I went for the Sottozerro+mousse au chocolat combo = BINGO!

Coffee and TV

Obviously this is a virtual meal because after eating the antipasti, I was completely full. Plus I’m using the technical terms in a wrong way since I’ve been told that in Italy, the primo piatto is generally a dish of pasta and the secondo piatto is meat.

Ceci est un menu imaginaire puisque mon estomac n’est quand même pas un puits sans fond. N’empêche tout ça, pris séparément, c’est un peu le paradis


Je vous passe la parole...

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